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The Holy Martyrs Agathonicus and Zoticus, and others with them

The Holy Martyrs Agathonicus and Zoticus, and others with themSt Agathonicus was a citizen of Nicomedia and a Christian. He turned the Greeks from idolatry with great fervour, and instructed them in the true Faith. The imperial governor, on orders from the Emperor Maximian, was persecuting Christians with great harshness. In this persecution, he seized St Zoticus in a place called Carpe, crucified his disciples and took him off to Nicomedia, where he also seized and bound Agathonicus, Princeps, Theoprepius, Acyndinus, Severian, Zeno and many others. They were taken, securely bound, to Byzantium. On the way, Zoticus, Theoprepius and Acyndinus died from exhaustion and of their wounds. Severian was killed near Chalcedon and Agathonicus and the others were taken to Thrace, to a place called Silybria, where, after torture before the Emperor himself, they were beheaded with the sword and entered into eternal life and the joy of their Lord.

The Holy Martyr Eulalia

The Holy Martyr EulaliaAt the time of a terrible persecution of Christians in Spain, there was a maiden called Eulalia, born of Christian parents in Barcelona. Utterly consecrated to Christ her Bridegroom, and steeped in the Holy Scriptures, she applied herself steadfastly to voluntary asceticism of soul and body. When the torturer, Dacian, who was mercilessly slaughtering Christians in Spain, came to Barcelona, Eulalia slipped away from her parents by night, came before the torturer and, in the presence of many of the people, denounced him as a murderer of innocent people, and also pulled down idols, openly confessing her faith in Christ the living Lord. Dacian commanded in fury that she be stripped and beaten with rods, but the holy maiden showed that she did not feel the pain of the torture for her Christ. Then the torturer had her tied to a tree in the form of a Cross, and ordered that her flesh be burned with torches. The torturer asked her, where was her Christ to save her? Eulalia answered: "He is here with me, but you cannot see Him because of your impurity." Under great torture, Eulalia gave her soul to God and, when she breathed her last, the people saw a white dove emerge from her mouth. Then a sudden snowstorm came and covered the naked body of the martyr like a white garment. On the third day, St Felix came and, in grief, wept before the hanging body of Eulalia, and a smile appeared on the saint"s dead face. Her parents came and, together with other Christians, buried the body of the holy maiden. She suffered for her Lord and entered into eternal joy at the beginning of the fourth century.

The Holy Martyr Anthusa, and others with her

The Holy Martyr Anthusa, and others with herThe daughter of rich, pagan parents in Seleucia in Syria, Anthusa heard of Christ and believed in Him with all her heart. She went secretly to Bishop Athanasius, who baptised her, and an angel of God appeared at that moment. After that, Anthusa went off to the desert to live in asceticism, not daring to return to her parents. She lived in the desert for thirty-three years, until, while kneeling in prayer on a rock, she gave her soul into God"s hands. She was buried, at her prior request, under this rock. Athanasius and two of Anthusa"s servants, Charismus and Neophytus, were beheaded for their faith in Christ in the time of the Emperor Valerian, in about the year 257. They suffered with honour and were crowned with wreaths.

Martyr Gorazd of Prague, Bohemia and Moravo-Cilezsk (1942)

Martyr Gorazd of Prague, Bohemia and Moravo-Cilezsk (1942)Matthias Pavlik was born in 1879 in the Moravian town of Hrubavrbka in what would later become the Czech Republic. He was born into a Roman Catholic family, completed the Roman Catholic seminary in Olomouc and was ordained a priest. With the end of World War I and the formation of the new nation of Czechoslovakia from the ruins of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the laws requiring observance of the Catholic religion were loosened. Father Matthias, along with thousands of others left the Catholic Church with many seeking a home in the Orthodox Church, which in that region was then under the protection of the Orthodox Church of Serbia...

Hieromartyr Athanasius (270-275), bishop of Tarsus in Cilicia, and Martyrs Charesimus and Neophytus (270-275).

Hieromartyr Athanasius (270-275), bishop of Tarsus in Cilicia, and Martyrs Charesimus and Neophytus (270-275).The PriestMartyr Athanasias, bishop of the Cilician city of Tarsus, who baptised the Nun Anthysa, was beheaded by the sword under the emperor Aurelian (270-275). The Nun Anthysa, a native of the city of Seleucia (in Syria), was the daughter of illustrious pagans. Learning of the teachings of Christ, she under pretense of visiting her benefactress instead journeyed off to Tarsus to Saint Athanasias and received Baptism from him...

Martyrs Irenaeus, Deakon, Or, and Oropsus

The Gruzinian (Georgian) Icon of the mother of God

The Gruzinian (Georgian) Icon of the mother of GodThe Gruzinian (Georgian) Icon of the mother of God: In 1622 the Persian shah Abbas conquered Gruzia. Many Christian holy things were plundered and many such were sold to the Russian merchants that were in Persia. Thus, the Gruzinian Icon of the Mother of God came the way of a certain merchant named Stefan, who piously kept it...

September 2017
     2,593 Martyred Soldiers in Cilicia
Martyr Photina, at the Church of Blachernae
Hieromartyr Rafailo (Momcilovic), abbot of the Sisatovac Monastery
The Gruzinian (Georgian) Icon of the mother of God
Venerable Nicholas the Sicilian
St. Serapion the Wonderworker (1747)
St.Epiphanios, Patriarch of Constantinople (535.)
Venerable Ibestion the Confessor, Egyptian ascetic
Martyr Anthusa
St. Amphilochius, bishop of Vladimir, Volhynia (1122)
Venerable Arcadius of Arsinoe, Cyprus, bishop and wonderworker
strict fast
Venerable Bryaene of Nisibis (318)
Martyrs: Menas, Faustus, Andrew and Heraclius
oil & wine
Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos in Miasena Monastery (864.)
Feast of the Miracle of the Kaluga Icon of the Mother of God
Blessed John "the Hairy," fool-for-Christ at Rostov (1580)
Uncovering of the relics (1911) of St. Ioasaph, bishop of Belgorod (1754)
Virgin-martyr Rhais (Raisa) of Alexandria (308)
Venerable Archippus of Hierapolis (4th c.)
Venerable Luke
St. Ioane (Maisuradze) (1957) and St. Giorgi-Ioane (Mkheidze), (1960), confessors, of Georgia
Uncovering of the relics (1896) of St. Theodosius, archbishop of Chernigov (1696)
oil & wine
Venerable Ioasaph, monk, of Kubensk (Vologda) (1453)
Translation of the relics of Venerables Sergius and Herman of Valaam
Hieromartyr Dositheus of Tbilisi, Georgia (1795)
Venerable Peter at Atroe (9th C)
Repose of St. John Chrysostom (407)
strict fast
Uncovering of the relics of St. Acacius the Confessor, bishop of Melitene (257)
New Martyrs Isaac and Joseph, who suffered at Karnu, Georgia (808)
Свети мученици Хараламп, Пантолеонт и дружина
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