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The Holy and Great Martyr Katharine

The Holy and Great Martyr KatharineThe daughter of King Constus, she lived with her mother in Alexandria after her father"s death. Her mother was secretly a Christian and, through her spiritual father, brought Katharine to the Christian faith. In a vision, St Katharine received a ring from the Lord Jesus Himself as a sign of her betrothal to Him. This ring remains on her finger to this day. Katharine was greatly gifted by God, exceptionally well-educated in Greek philosophy, medicine, rhetoric and logic, and added great physical beauty to this. When the wicked Emperor Maxentius offered sacrifice to idols and ordered everyone to do the same, St Katharine came with daring before him and denounced his idolatrous errors. The Emperor, seeing that she surpassed him in wisdom and leaming, summoned fifty of the wisest men, to dispute with her about faith and put her to shame, but Katharine was wiser than they, and put them to shame. The furious Emperor commanded that all fifty wise men be burned. These wise men, at St Katharine"s prayers, all confessed the name of Christ at the moment of death, and proclaimed themselves Christians. When the martyr was in prison, she brought Porphyrius the general, with two hundred of his soldiers, to the Faith, and also the Empress, Augusta-Vasilissa. They all suffered for Christ. At St Katharine"s martyrdom, an angel of God appeared to her, stopping and breaking the wheel on which she was being tortured, and after that the Lord Christ Himself appeared to her, strengthening her. After many tortures, Katharine was beheaded with the sword at the age of eighteen, on November 24th, 310. Milk flowed from her body in place of blood. Her wonderworking relics are preserved on Sinai.

The Holy and Great Martyr Mercurius

The Holy and Great Martyr MercuriusWhen the Emperor Decius was once making war on the barbarians, there was in the army the commander of an Armenian regiment called the Martesians. This commander was called Mercurius. In the battle, an angel of God appeared to Mercurius, put a sword in his hand and told him that he would overcome the enemy. Mercurius displayed a wonderful courage, mowing the enemy down like grass with his sword. After this glorious victory, the Emperor made him supreme commander of his army, but some jealous men denounced him to the Emperor as a Christian. Mercurius did not deny this before the Emperor, but openly acknowledged it. He was most terribly tortured: cut with knives in strips and burned in a furnace, but an angel of God appeared in the prison and healed him. Finally the Emperor pronounced the sentence that General Mercurius be beheaded with the sword in Cappadocia. When they beheaded him, his body became as white as snow, and from it there arose a wonderful, incense-like fragrance. Many of the sick were healed by his wonderworking relics. This glorious soldier of Christ suffered for the Faith some time between 251 and 259.

The Holy Maiden Mastridia

The Holy Maiden MastridiaShe lived in Alexandria and led a solitary life of prayer and handwork. A young man became consumed with lustful passion towards her, and pestered her incessantly. Determined not to sin against God, and seeing that it would not be easy to shake off this dissolute youth, St Mastridia once asked him what it was in her that most attracted him. He replied: 'Your eyes!', and Mastridia took the needle with which she was sewing and put out her eyes. Thus she preserved her own peace and the young man's soul, who repented deeply and became a monk. Author's note: This Mastridia is apparently not the same as the one who is commemorated on February 7th. The latter is from Jerusalem, while this one is from Alexandria. The latter fled from scandal to the desert, and this one put out her eyes.

Hieromartyr Mercurius of Smolensk (1238)

Hieromartyr Mercurius of Smolensk (1238)The Holy Martyr Merkurii of Smolensk was a Slav by birth, probably from Moravia, the descendant of a princely line. Brought up in Orthodoxy, Saint Merkurii in zeal for the true faith set off from his own native land to Rus', where he served in the army of the Smolensk prince. The saintly soldier secretly led an ascetic life – he was strict in fasting, chaste, spending his nights at prayer, and spiritually preparing himself to suffer for faith in Christ...

Venerable Simon, abbot of Soiga Monastery (Vologda) (1561)

The Monk Simon of Soiginsk belonged to the Komel'sk branch of students of the Monk Sergei of Radonezh. He was born at Sol'vychegodsk, and took monastic vows under the Monk Kornilii (Comm. 19 May) at the Komel'sk monastery. He passed through his obediences amidst such ascetics and disciples of Kornilii of Komel'sk as – Gennadii of Liubimsk (Comm. 23 January), Kirill of Novoezersk (Comm. 4 February), Irodion of Iloezersk (Comm. 28 September), Adrian of Poshekhonsk (Comm. 5 March), Lavrentii of Komel'sk (Comm. 16 May)...

Martyrs Augusta (Faustina) the Empress

Martyrs Augusta (Faustina) the Empress

Martyrs Porphyrius, and 200 soldiers (305)

Martyrs Porphyrius, and 200 soldiers (305)At Alexandria with Great-martyr Catherine

Martyr Alexander at Corinth (4th C)

Monk-martyr Mark Triglinos

Maryrs Philemenus and Christopher

Maryr Eugene

Maryrs Procopius and Christopher

Martyr Chrysogenes

St. Hermogenes (ca. 260)

St. Hermogenes (ca. 260)bishop of Agrigentum

St. Gregory

Founder of the monastery of the Golden Rock in Pontus.

St. Malchus of Chalcis in Syria (5th c.)

December 2017
     New Martyrs Anastasius of Epirus and Daniel (1750)
Martyres 150 soldiers (284)
Martyrs Azades, Sasonius, Thecla, and Anna (343)
St. Yaropolk-Peter, prince of Vladimir in Volhynia (1086)
Martyr Agapion of Greece (304)
New Martyr Archimandrite Gregory (Peradze) of Georgia (1942.)
St. Malchus of Chalcis in Syria (5th c.)
Venerable Peter the Silent, of Galata, Syria (429)
St. Silas, bishop of Persidos
Venerable Palladius of Thessalonica (6th-7th c.)
St. Theodore, bishop of Theodosiopolis in Armenia (end of 6th c.)
St. Mardarije of Libertyville
Hierarch Samuel, Second Catholicos of Georgia
St Philaret the Merciful
St Jesse, Bishop of Tsiklan
oil & wine
Our Holy Father Sava of Storozhev
St Gennadius, Archbishop of Novgorod
oil & wine
Our Holy Fathers Karyon and Zachariah
oil & wine
St Theophilus, Bishop of Antioch
Our Holy Father Nilus of Stolobnoye
The Holy Martyrs in Africa
St Sophronius, Archbishop of Cyprus
oil & wine
Our Holy Father Thomas of Bithynia
oil & wine
The Holy Martyr Meirax
The Holy Martyr Synesius
oil & wine
The Hieromartyr Gavrilo, Patriarch of Serbia
oil & wine
The Holy Martyrs Philemon, Apollonius, Arrian and others
Our Holy Father Pardus the Solitary
St Theophano the Empress
Our Holy Fathers, the New Martyrs Paisius and Habakkuk (Avakum)
oil & wine
St Modestus, Patriarch of Jerusalem
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