Synaxe des Saints du Monastère des Cavernes de Kiev dont les reliques reposent dans les Lointaines Cavernes de Saint Théodose :
Theodosius the Great (+ 1074) - Moses the Wonderworker (13-14th C) - Lawrence the Hermit (13th-14th C) - Hilarion the Schemamonk (+ 1066) - Paphnutius the Hermit (13th C) - Martyrius the Deacon (14th C) - Theodore the Prince of Ostrozhsk (+ c. 1483) - Athanasius the Hermit (13th C) - Priestmonk Dionysius the Hermit (15th C) - Theophilus the Archbishop of Novgorod (+ c. 1482) - Zinon the Faster (14th C) - Gregory the Wonderworker (14th C) - Hipatius the Healer (14th C) - Priestmartyr Luke (+ 1243) - Joseph the Much-ailing (14th C) - Paul the Obedient (13th C) - Sisois the Schemamonk (13th C) - Nestor the Illiterate (14th C) - Pamva the Hermit (+ 1241) Theodore the Silent (13th C) - Sophronius the Hermit (13th C) - Priestmonk Pancratius the Hermit (13th C) - Anatolius the Hermit (13th C) - Ammon the Hermit (13th C) - Mardarius the Hermit (13th C) - Pior the Hermit (13th C) - Martyrius the Hermit (13th-14th C) - Ruphus the Hermit (14th C) - Benjamin the Hermit (14th C) - Cassian the Hermit (13th-14th C) - Arsenius the Lover-of-Work (14th C) - Euthymius the Schemamonk (14th C) - Tito the Soldier (14th C) - Akhila the Deacon (14th C) - Paisius the God-Pleasing (14th C) - Mercurius the Faster (14th C) - Macarius the Deacon (13th-14th C) - Pimen the Faster (12th C) - Leontius and Gerontius the Canonarchs (14th C) - Zacharius the Faster (13th-14th C) - Siluan the Schemamonk (13th-14th C) - Agathon the Wonderworker (13th-14th C) - Ignatius the Archimandrite (+ 1435) and Longin the Gate-Keeper (13th-14th C)