Blessed Andrei (Andrew) of Totemsk was born in the year 1638in the village of Ust'-Totemsk and already while still in his childhood he left the world. With the blessing of Stefan, hegumen of the Voskresensk (Resurrection) monastery in Galich, Andrei took upon himself the arduous exploit of fool-for-Christ. He settled in the city of Tot'ma on the banks of the River Sukhona at the church of the Resurrection of Christ. He walked barefoot both winter and summer, in tattered clothing, he ate only bread and water and then only in such small quantity, as sufficed but to keep him from dying of hunger, and he prayed both day and night. If anyone gave him something, he gave it all away to the poor. For his efforts and toil Blessed Andrei merited the gift of wonderworking. One time in winter a blind man by the name of Azhibokai came to the fool, offering him a large sum of money whilst imploring healing, but the fool fled away. Azhibokai thereupon washed his eyes with snow from where the saint had stood, and in doing so he was able to see. To Blessed Andrei was revealed the time of his death. He made confession, communed the Holy Mysteries and peacefully expired to God. Over his grave was erected the bell-tower church of the holy Martyr Andrew Stratilates (Comm. 19 August), whose name he bore. At the grave of Blessed Andrei was witnessed many a miracle.