The PriestMartyrs Bishop Nirses, and Joseph his disciple, the Bishops of Persia John, Saverios, Isaac and Ipatios, the Martyrs Azates the Eunuch , Sasonios, Thekla, Anna and many other Men and Women suffering in Persia: They were executed during the time of a persecution against Christians under the emperor Sapor II.
Saint Nirses and his disciple Joseph were beheaded; Saint John was stoned. This fate befell also Saints Isaac and Ipatios. Saint Saverios died in prison, and after death they cut off his head. A certain apostate-presbyter strangled the Martyr Azates the Eunuch. The Martyrs Sasonios, Thekla, Anna and many other men and women likewise underwent torture, suffering and death for Christ (+ 343).