Saint Maria Salome was the wife of Zebedee and the mother of the Apostel Saint John and Saint James the Greater. Salome was one of the three Mary´s mentioned in the bible and a kinswoman of the Most Holy Mother of God. She followed the Lord throughout His preaching ministry and may have accompanied him on his travels.
One day, while she was still ignorant of the true sense of the Lord´s mission and believing that He had come to inaugurate an earthly kingdom, she asked Him to give her sons a favour. Christ set her right, and reminded her that those who wished to share in His glory must first drink the chalice of His Passion. Jesus further said that it is the Father who assigns places in the Kingdom. which means that James and John will have to follow His own example of humility and sacrifice to earn places there (acc. Matthew 20:20).

Showing greater courage than the disciples who had forsaken the Lord, Salome was present at a distance at His crucifixion, together with the Mother of God, Saint Mary Magdalen and another Mary, and once the Sabbath had passed, she went and brought spices to enbalm the body. When the holy women questionded among themselves who could help them roll away the heavy stone that closed the tomb, they discovered that it was open.

Going inside, they saw a white-clad angel, who proclaimed to them the good tidings of the Resurrection. Trembling and beside themselves, they fled, saying nothing to anyone, until the moment when Saint Mary Magdalen returned alone to the tomb and saw the risen Lord Himself.