The Monks Konstantin and Kosma were monastic students of the Monk Varlaam of Khutynsk (+ 1192, Comm. 6 November) and his successor, the Monk Antonii of Dymsk (+ 1224, Comm. 17 January). In about the year 1220, having left the Khutynsk monastery, they settled upon a wilderness peninsula, situated 3 versts from the city of Staraya Russa, between the Rivers Polista and Smezhnya, and in time they founded there a monastery in the name of Saint Nicholas, headed by the Monk Konstantin until his death (+ c. 1240).
The Monk Kosma continued with the exploits of his mentor. He was buried in the same grave with the Monk Konstantin. Their bodies rest beneathe the vestibule of the Nikolaev church, built in 1820 upon the place of burial of the saints.