The PriestMartyr Theodore, Bishop of Cyrenia, lived during the reign of the emperor Diocletian (284-305). Skilled at writing, and having accomplished great mastery in his beloved task, he transcribed many a copy of books for the churches. His son by birth Leo denounced him to the district governor, Dignianus, saying that his father possessed Christian books and was turning people away from idol-worship, and instead drawing them to faith in Christ the Saviour. Saint Theodore was brought to trial. Many Christians followed after him, in which number were the women Lucy and Hieroa. The holy bishop was ordered to surrender his books and renounce Christ, but he refused this demand. They beat him with tin rods. But Saint Theodore was not intimidated, and with a fiery zeal for the truth he destroyed the pagan sacrificial offerings. They tortured him for a long while, they cut out his tongue, and then they threw him in prison, where he died. Put to death also were the women Lucy and Hieroa and all, who had accepted holy Baptism from the holy bishop.