They were thrown into the sea, but it refused to receive them. They walked upon the sea as if it were dry land and sang praises to God: 'I have won one battle, O Lord, and the soldiers have persecuted me, O Lord, and I have not denied Thee, O Lord; save Thou my soul!' The pagans were at first astounded to behold this, but they then tied stones around their necks and again threw them into the deep, where they were drowned. They all suffered with honour for Christ our King and Lord in 281.

Troparion - Tone 1

Let the godly–minded Quadratus, Anectus, Paul, Dionysius, Cyprian, and Crescens
Be praised with melodious hymns,
For as the six–fold choir of Christ’s prize–winners,
They ceaselessly pray for us before the Trinity!

Kontakion - Tone 4

As you contested bravely in Corinth, O wise martyrs,
You appeared as a six–branched radiant lamp.
Illumining the way for Christ’s faithful by the grace that was given you!