Saint Stephen of St Sava's Monastery, the nephew of St John of Damascus (December 4), was born in the year 725. When he was ten years old he entered the Lavra of St Sava the Sanctified (December 5) and was tonsured as a monk. He spent his whole life at this monastery, sometimes going out into the desert to live in solitude and devote himself to spiritual struggles.

St Stephen's holy life was so pleasing to God that he was given the gifts of wonderworking and clairvoyance. He also healed the sick, cast out devils, and was able to discern the thoughts of those who came to him for counsel. He fell asleep in the Lord in the year 794, foretelling in advance the day of his death. The Life of St Stephen was compiled by his disciple Leontius.

Today's saint should not be confused with the other St Stephen of St Sava's Monastery who is commemorated on October 28.