The Holy Martyrs Presbyters Bathusius and Vercus, the Monk Aprila, and the Layfolk: Avius, Agnus, Reas, Hegathrax, Silas, Sigicius, Sonorilus, Suimulius, Fermus, Fillus, Constans, Prince Agathon and the Women Martyrs: Anna, Alla, Larissa, Moiko, Mamika, Wirko, Animaisa (Animaida), the Gothic Princess Haatha and the Gothic Princess Duclida – suffered in about the year 375 under king Ungerich, a persecutor of Christians. The king gave orders to burn down a church during the time of Divine-services. In the fiery inferno perished 308 people, of whom only twenty-one are known of by name. The Gothic king's widow Alla together with her daughter Duclida gathered up the remains of the holy martyrs and carried them off to Syria. She later returned to her native land, where after a certain while she was stoned and died a martyr, together with her son Agathon. The relics of the holy martyrs were left to Duclida, who sometime during the reigns of the emperors Valerian I (364-375) and Theodosius the Great (379-395), went to Kyzikos and gave over part of the relics for the founding of a church. The death of Righteous Duclida occurred peacefully.