The Holy Martyrs Demetrios, his wife Euanthea, and their son Demetrian: The holy Martyr Demetrios was a prince and governor of the city of Skepsis in the Hellespont. Into his city came preaching the Gospel Saint Cornelius the Centurian (Comm. 13 September) – he that had been the first pagan-Gentile converted to Christ by the Apostle Paul. Saint Cornelius sowed Christianity amongst many of the inhabitants of Skepsis, and for this the pagans arrested him and brought him for trial before the governor Demetrios, who in vain demanded that the saint renounce Christ, and finally handed him over for torture. Saint Cornelius bravely endured the torture, while in turn urging the governor to forsake his pagan errors and turn to the true faith in Christ. Led into an idolous temple, Saint Cornelius by his prayer destroyed the pagan temple and the idols standing in it. Persuaded of the truth of Christianity by the preaching of the saint and his miracles, the governor Demetrios himself came to believe in Christ and accepted holy Baptism together with all his family. For confessing Christ, the pagans threw all the newly-converted family into prison where they perished by starvation.