The PriestMartyr Cyril, Bishop of Gortineia, lived during the time of the emperor Diocletian and his co-emperor Maximian. As a Christian he was brought to trial before the governor Agrippina and after interrogation he was thrown into prison. By night he heard a voice, which commanded the saint to go to Rome. In the morning the doors of the prison were open, and the idols – overthrown and destroyed. On the road to Rome Saint Cyril had a vision: the Monk Philoxenos appeared and foretold for him 2 crowns – one of hierarch and the other of martyr. At Rome Saint Cyril rendered great help to the Church by his preaching. When a persecution against Christians started up, Saint Cyril set off to Jerusalem to encourage the spirits of Christians living there. Along the way he had a vision and received a command not to neglect Crete. Having arrived there, Saint Cyril was chosen bishop of the city of Gortineia. He was then 60 years of age. Still on the Gortineia cathedra-seat at age 95, Saint Cyril at the start of a new persecution against Christians was brought to trial and sentenced to death and beheaded with the sword in the vicinity of Raxos at the beginning of the IV Century.