The holy women martyrs Kyriake, Kaleria (Valeria), and Mary lived in Palestinian Caesarea during the persecution under Diocletian (284-305). Having received instruction in the Christian Faith, they abandoned paganism, settled in a solitary place and spent their lives in prayer, beseeching the Lord that the persecution against Christians would come to an end, and that the Faith of Christ would shine throughout all the world.

The governor tried to force them to worship idols, but they bravely confessed their faith in Christ. For this reason, they were tortured and received the crown of martyrdom.

Troparion - Tone 1

As reasonable lambs, you were guided by Christ, the Chief Shepherd,
along the path of martyrdom.
You finished your course and kept the faith;
therefore, honored Kyra, Valerie, and Mary,
with joyful hearts, we magnify Christ today, as we honor your holy memory!

Kontakion - Tone 2

Passion-bearers Kyra, Valerie and Mary,
you loved the faithful promises of God;
you clung to the faith of Christ,
looking for eternal life and the blessedness of Paradise!
You endured torture with steadfastness
and bowed your necks beneath the sword.
Therefore, you have been crowned by the hand of the Lord
and glorious is your memory.
Entreat Christ God, the Judge of the contest,
on behalf of those who honor your struggles with faith!