They were Roman soldiers, and suffered for Christ in about 302 in Macedonian Dorostol. When Pasicrates" brother, Papianus (who had apostatised from Christ through fear), came to his brother and tried to persuade him to renounce Christ and stay alive, St Pasicrates replied: "Get away from me; you are no brother of mine!" Pasicrates and Valentian were beheaded together. At his trial, Julius said: "I am a war veteran, and have served the Emperor faithfully for twenty-six years. And, having been faithful till now in lesser things, how can I not be faithful, in the things that are greater, to the heavenly Kingdom and its King?" Then Nicanor was brought before the prefect, Maximus. Nicanor"s wife encouraged her husband to die for the sake of Christ. "You stupid old woman", Maximus hurled at her, "Are you after a better husband?" She replied: "If you think that of me, give the order to have me killed now, before my husband!" Marcian also perished with Nicanor. His wife came to the place of execution, carrying their son in her arms. Marcian kissed his son and prayed: "O almighty God, do Thou take care of him!" And they were all then slain and entered into the Kingdom of Christ.