The Holy Martyress Poplia (Publia) the Confessor, Deaconess of Antioch, early became a widow, and with all her strength she turned to raising up her son John in the Christian faith. John became a presbyter, and Poplia for her prudent and ascetic life merited the dignity of deaconess. She took under her guidance widows and young women desiring to devote themselves to the service of God, and she organised a monastery in her home. During the time of the persecution of Christians under the emperor Julian the Apostate (361-363), Saint Poplia with the sisters denounced the reprobate.
When the emperor made his way to the house of Poplia, the sisters sang loudly the 113th Psalm, denouncing idol-worship. The soldiers of the ruler fiercely beat up the venerable eldress, but she forebearingly endured the beating. But surviving not long after this, Saint Poplia expired to the Lord in peace.