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St Metrophanes of Constantinople

St Metrophanes of ConstantinopleHis father Dometius, brother of the Roman Emperor Probus, fled from Rome as a Christian during a persecution and went to Byzantium. The Bishop of Byzantium, Titus, ordained Dometius priest and, after Titus"s death, Dometius became Bishop of Byzantium. After Dometius"s death, his elder son Probus occupied the episcopal throne (Dometius had children from his earlier, pagan days), and Metrophanes succeeded him on his death. When the Emperor Constantine first set eyes on Metrophanes, he loved him as a father. At the time of the First Ecumenical Council, Metrophanes was a very old man and, being unable to take a full part in the Council"s deliberations, appointed his assistant bishop, Alexander, as his representative. The Emperor had Metrophanes raised to the rank of Patriarch by the Council, and he thus became the first Patriarch of Constantinople. The Emperor further invited the whole Council to visit the sick and aged hierarch. When the Emperor asked him who he wished to succeed him on the patriarchal throne, Metrophanes named Alexander of Alexandria, after which he said to him: "My brother, you are my chosen successor!" He also took Archdeacon Athanasius (later Athanasius the Great, Patriarch of Alexandria) by the hand and praised him before them all. After this prophetic act, he took leave of them all and, ten days later, gave his soul to God, in 325.

The Holy Martyr Concordius

The Holy Martyr ConcordiusHe was a great ascetic and a wonderworker during his earthly life. Arrested as a Christian under the Emperor Antoninus, he was tortured and imprisoned, and led before the stone idol of Zeus to pay it reverence. He spat on the idol, for which he was at once beheaded.

The Holy Martyrs Frontasius, Severinus, Severian and Silanus

They were martyred in France in the time of the Emperor Claudius. When they had been beheaded, they rose to their feet, took their heads in their hands, crossed the river lie and came to the church of the most holy Mother of God, where Bishop Frontanus was at prayer. Entering the church, they laid their heads at the bishop"s feet and then lay down and crossed themselves. They were buried there and, at their burial, the singing of an unseen host of angels was heard.

Our Holy Father Zossima, Bishop of New Babylon in Egypt

Our Holy Father Zossima, Bishop of New Babylon in EgyptHe lived in asceticism on Mount Sinai. Going to Alexandria in the course of his work, he was consecrated by the venerable Patriarch Apollinarius as Bishop of New Babylon. He was a good pastor of Christ"s flock, but when old age and weariness came upon him, he withdrew again to Sinai, where he gave his soul into God"s hands and received a wreath of glory among the great hierarchs. He lived and died in the 6th century.

The Hieromartyr Astius, Bishop of Dyrrachium

The Hieromartyr Astius, Bishop of DyrrachiumHe suffered under Trajan. First beaten with leaden rods, he was then stripped bare and crucified on a tree. His naked body, smeared with honey, was left for the wasps and hornets to eat. St Astius breathed his last in great torment, praising God, and received a twofold wreath: as a martyr and a hierarch. He suffered at the beginning of the second century.

Ss Mary and Martha, the Sisters of Lazarus

Ss Mary and Martha, the Sisters of LazarusAfter the Lord"s Ascension, Lazarus went about preaching the Gospel, and his sisters helped him in this work. It is not known where they died.

Venerable Sophia of Thrace

Venerable Sophia of ThraceOur venerable Mother Sophia was born in the province of Ainos in southeastern Thrace , and was the daughter of pious Christian parents. When she was of age, her parents arranged for her to be married. She and her husband had six children. Though she was occupied with worldly cares and responsibilities, she still kept the commandments of God and lived a virtuous life. She loved to attend the Church services, and so she progressed in virtue...

Venerable Alonius of Scete in Egyp

Venerable John, abbot of Monagria near Cyzicus (761)

The Martyr John, Hegumen of Monagreia, was thrown into the sea during the reign of the Iconoclast emperor Constantine Kopronymos in the year 761.

Venerable Methodius, abbot of Peshnosha (1392)

Venerable Methodius, abbot of Peshnosha (1392)The Monk Methodii, Hegumen of Peshnozh (XIV), was the founder of the Peshnozh monastery. In his youth he went to the Monk Sergei of Radonezh and spent several years under his guidance; later on, with the blessing of the Monk Sergei he withdrew into a solitary place and built himself a cell in the forest beyond the River Yakhroma. Soon in this deep and marshy locale several disciples came to him, wanting to imitate his life. The Monk Sergei visited him and advised him to build a monastery and church...

Venerables Eleazar and Nazarius, wonderworkers of Olonets (15th c.)

The Monks Eleazar and Nazarii of Olonets were founders of the monastery of Saint John the Forerunner on the island of Murma in Lake Onega. In the manuscripts of the saints they are sometimes termed Greeks, which allows them possibly to be considered disciples of the Monk Lazar of Murmansk, who had come from Constantinople.

Hieromartyr Ioannicus, metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral (1945)

Hieromartyr Ioannicus, metropolitan of Montenegro and Littoral (1945)Our father among the saints Metropolitan Joanikije (Lipovac) (in Serbian:Свети свештеномучуник Јоаникије Црногорско-приморски) was the Metropolitan of the Diocese of Montenegro and the Littoral in Yugoslavia as it became a battleground during World War II. He attempted to maintain the diocese as the area transitioned between German and communist rule. With the ascendency of communist control he attempted to leave the area with many of his priests. The attempt was unsuccessful and he and his party of priests were brutally killed. In 1999, his name was added to the list of Serbian saints...

March 2016
  Saint Finan
St Flavian
Our Holy Father Dositheus
The Hieromartyr Sadok
St John III Scholasticus, Patriarch of Constantinople
St Papius of Hierapolis
Saint Boisil or Boswell
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Saint Cumein, Abbot of Iona
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Our Holy Father Paphnutius of Kephala
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The Holy Martyr John Calpha (Kalphes)
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The Holy Martyr Julian the Gout-Sufferer
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Blessed Nicolas, the Fool for Christ of Pskov
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Blessed Nicolas, the Fool for Christ of Pskov
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Saint David of Wales
St. Sabbatius, monk, of Tver (1434), and his disciple St. Euphrosynus (1460)
Sts. Zeno and Zoilus
Venerable Gerasimus, monk, of Vologda (1178)
Monk-martyr Adrian, abbot of Poshekhonye and his fellow-ascetic St. Leonidas
Icon of the Mother of God “Czestochowa”
St. Ephraim, Patriarch of Antioch (546)
Venerable Lazarus of Murom
St Caesarius, brother of St Gregory the Theologian
Martyr Marcian
St. Theodora, queen of Arta, wife of Despot Michael II of Epirus (1275)
Righteous Phineas the grandson of Aaron
Martyr Sabinus (Abibus) of Egypt (303)
St Theognostus, Metropolitan of Kiev
Venerable Nicander, monk, of Gorodets (Novgorod) (1603)
St. Serapion, archbishop of Novgorod (1516)
Monk-martyr Paul of Crete (767)
The 10,000 Martyrs of Nicomedia
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