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Our Holy Father Bessarion

Our Holy Father BessarionBorn and educated in Egypt, he devoted himself to the spiritual life at an early age, and 'never soiled the spiritual garment in which he was clothed at his baptism'. He visited St Gerasim by the Jordan and learned from St Isidore of Pefusium. He conquered his flesh in strict fasting and vigils, but, as far as possible, hid his asceticism from men. He once spent forty days in prayer, neither eating nor sleeping, and had one single garment that he wore summer and winter. He had a great gift of wonderworking. He had no fixed abode, but lived in the mountains and forests, healing the sick and performing many other miracles to help men and glorify God. He entered peacefully into rest in 466. (In the Greek Prologue, this saint is commemorated on February 20th.)

Our Holy Father Hilarion the New

Our Holy Father Hilarion the NewAbbot of the Dalmatian monastery in Constantinople, he was a disciple of Gregory of Decapolis and an imitator of the life of Hilarion the Great, whose name he took. Strong in prayer, enduring and courageous in suffering, he suffered much for the sake of the holy icons in the days of the iconoclast Emperors, Leo the Armenian and others. Then the Emperor Leo was killed by his personal bodyguard in the very church and at the very spot where he had first scoffed at the holy icons and from which he had removed the first icon, and holy Hilarion was let out of prison - but only for a while. He was again tortured and held in prison right up to the time of the Orthodox Empress Theodora. He was gifted with insight and discernment, and saw angels of God taking the soul of St Theodore the Studite to heaven. Being pleasing to God, he entered into rest in the Kingdom of heaven in 845, at the age of seventy.

Our Holy Mothers, the Martyrs Archelais, Thecia and Susanna

As pure and virginal nuns, they lived the ascetic life in an unknown monastery near Rome. When a persecution of Christians arose under the wicked Emperor Diocletian, they fled to Campania and settled near the town of Nola. Their holy life could not be concealed, and people from nearby began to come to them for counsel, instruction and help in various trials and sicknesses, and they were finally seized by the pagans and taken for trial. They publicly and freely confessed their faith in Christ. When the judge, Leontius, questioned holy Archelais about the Christian faith, she replied: "It is by the power of Christ that I overcome the power of the devil and teach the people understanding and knowledge of the one, true God. By the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, the onlybegotten Son of God, it is given that, through me His servant, the sick find healing." All three maidens were whipped, flogged with heavy staves, left to languish in prison and finally beheaded. When they were led out to the scaffold, angels appeared to them, which were seen by some of the executioners and inspired such fear in them that they dared not lift up their swords against the holy maidens. They, however, urged the executioners to finish their task. And thus, as lambs, were they beheaded in the year 293, and went to the Kingdom of Christ to rest in eternity and delight in beholding the face of God.

Venerable Attalus the wonderworker

Martyr Gelasius

Martyr Gelasius

Martyr Zenais (Zenaida) of Caesarea in Palestine

Venerable Paisius, abbot, of Uglich (1504)

Venerable Paisius, abbot, of Uglich (1504)The Monk Paisii of Uglich was hegumen of the Pokrov monastery, near Uglich. He was born in the Tver district nearby the city of Kashin, and he was a nephew of the Monk Makarii of Kalyazinsk (Comm. 17 March). Upon the death of his parents, and being still but an 11 year old lad, Saint Paisii went to the monastery of his uncle, who clothed him in monastic garb. Under his uncle's guidance, Saint Paisii led a monastic life in deeds of obedience, fasting and prayer, and he occupied himself with the copying of soul-saving books. "A man wondrous and of spirit, famed preceptor of holiness and most astounding wonderworker, he founded (in 1464) at the wish of prince Andrei Vasil'evich the common-life Pokrov monastery 3 versts from Uglich, wherein he was chosen hegumen". The Monk Paisii was also "founder and organiser of the holy Nikol'sky Grekhozaruchnya monastery" in 1489. Asceticising at the Pokrov monastery, the Monk Paisii lived into old age and died on 6 June 1504. His relics, glorified by miracles, rest beneathe a crypt in the Pokrov monastery.

Venerable Jonah, abbot of Klimetz (1534)

Venerable Jonah, abbot of Klimetz (1534)The Monk Jona of Klimetsk, in the world John, accepted monasticism and founded the Klimetsk Trinity monastery in accordance with a vow. In the year 1490 he had been caught by a storm on Lake Onega. When however there was no hope for survival, John cried out to the Lord, beseeching Him to preserve him alive for repentance and service to God. The boat was thrown by the waves onto a coastal sandbar. There he heard the voice of the Lord, commanding him to form a monastery in the Name of the Life-Creating Trinity, and on a juniper tree he miraculously discovered Its holy icon. The monk fulfilled the will of the Lord and built a monastery with two temples – one in the Name of the MostHoly Trinity and the other in honour of Saint Nicholas, protector of those sailing and those journeying. Having refused the dignity of hegumen, the Monk Jona remained at the monastery a simple monk. The monk died on 6 June 1534. Over his relics afterwards was built a church in honour of Saints Zachariah and Elizabeth.

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