I sing the praises of your grace, O Lady, entreating you to enrich my mind with grace! Teach me to walk uprightly, in the way of Christ’s commandments. Strengthen my vigilance in song and prayer, which drive away the despair of sleep. Free me by your entreaties, O Bride of God, who am bound by sinful garments. Protect me in the night and in the day, delivering me from the enemies who contend against me. Give life to me who have been deadened by passion, you that gave birth to the life-giving God. Enlighten my blinded soul, you that gave birth to the never-ending light. O wonderful Palace of the Master, make a house of the Divine Spirit. You that gave birth to the Physician, make well the passions of my soul. Lead me who am bestormed by life to the ways of repentance. Deliver me from the eternal flames. Do not show me to the joy of demons because of my many sins.

Establish me anew who have been made senseless by transgressions, O Blameless One. Show me a stranger to every torment, and entreat the Master of All. Enable me to attain to the gladness of Heaven together with all the saints. O most Holy Virgin, hear the voice of your unprofitable servant. Grant me a stream of tears, O Most Pure One, to wash away the defilement of my soul. I bring to you the groaning of my heart unceasingly; beseech the Master to listen. Accept my prayerful service and bear it to the compassionate God! You that are higher than the angels, make me to be above the gloominess of the world. O light-bearing Cloud of Heaven, establish spiritual grace in me. Although stained by sin, I raise my hands and open my lips in praise of you! Deliver me from soul-corrupting wounds, entreating Christ fervently. To Him honor and worship are due, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.