O Lord, Heavenly King, Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, be compassionate and have mercy on me, Thy sinful servant. Remit and forgive me, the unworthy one, all the things which I have sinned as a man (and even as a beast), both voluntary and involuntary, in knowledge and in ignorance: from my youth, from learning of evil, and from emptiness or despair. If I swore with Thy name, or stained it in my reasoning; or dishonored someone; or cursed someone with my anger; or saddened him; or if I have become angry over something; or lied; or slept unfittingly; or if a poor man came to me and I despised him; or if I saddened my brother; or frustrated or judged someone; or became puffed up and proud; or if while standing in prayer my mind was moved by the evil of this world; or contemplated suicide; or overate and overdrank, or laughed without reason; or thought of evil; or if I saw another ‘s good and was bound by it in my heart; or spoke unseemingly; or laughed at my brother’s sin; my sins are countless in number. If I have forsaken prayer, or done anything evil - I do not remember, for I have committed even more! Have mercy on me, O Master my Creator, Thy unworthy and unprofitable servant. Forgive, remit, and loose my sins, for Thou art gracious and lovest mankind; that I may rest in peace and sleep, though a prodigal, sinful and wretched; that I may adore and praise and glorify Thy most honorable Name, together with the Father and His only-begotten Son, now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.