O Almighty Word of the Father, Jesus Christ, Who art Thyself perfect: Because of Thy great mercy, do not ever depart from me, Thy servant, but always abide in me. O Jesus, Good Shepherd of Thy sheep, let me not fall into the disobedience of the serpent, nor leave me to the will of Satan, for the seeds of corruption are in me. O Lord God adorable, O Holy King Jesus, guard me while I sleep with the unfading light, Thy Holy Spirit, through Whom Thou didst sanctify Thy disciples. Grant even to me, Thy unworthy servant, O Lord, Thy salvation upon my bed. Enlighten my mind with the light of the understanding of Thy Gospel; my soul with love of Thy Cross; my heart with the purity of Thy word; my body with Thy passionless passion; preserve my thought in Thy humility, and raise me at the time proper for Thy glorification. For Thou art most glorified with Thy Father, Who is without beginning, and Thy Most Holy Spirit, unto the ages. Amen.