O, Lord, save Thy people and save me.

If Thou savest not Thy people and mine, if Thou savest only me, I shall be like a stranger in Heaven.

Hear, O Lord, the supplication of Thy righteous ones, Sava and Nemanja, and save Thy sinful people, sinful though they may be.

As Thou didst save Jerusalem from the godless and the blasphemers, save also Belgrade from the faithless, that salvation may be made known to all as proceeding from Thee, not from men.

Thy people are weakened by waiting, test not their endurance to the end, o Lord. O Lord, weakened are thy people by waiting.

All the Earth is covered with the bodies of thy faithful, we cannot till the soil without the pick sounding against the bones of our kinsmen and echoing painfully in our souls.

There is not a field which is not a cemetery, not a tree which is not a tombstone. All of the Serbian land is a graveyard.

Have mercy, o Lord and save Thy people, with or without me.