O Merciful Lord Jesus Christ! To You I entrust our children, which You gave to us... I ask You, Lord, save them in the ways which only You know. Keep them from vices, evil, pride and may nothing touch their souls that is repugnant to You. But faith, hope of salvation, love give to them, that they be chosen vessels of the Holy Spirit unto You, and may their life’s path be holy and pure before God.

Bless them, Lord, that they may strive to execute Your Holy Will, so that You could always be with them in Your Holy Spirit!

Lord! Teach them to pray to You, so that their prayer be a support, a joy, in grief and comfort in their lives. May Your Angels protect them always! May our children be sensitive to the grief of their close ones and may they fulfill Your commandment of love. And, if they sin, permit them, Lord, to bring You repentance, and You in Your (immeasurable) mercy forgive them. When their earthly life ends, take them to Your Heavenly Residences, to which they may also lead others with them.

By the prayers of Your Ever-Pure Lady Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary and Your Saints ... Lord, have mercy and save us.

Glory to You with Your Everlasting Father and with Your Ever-Holy Lifegiving Spirit, now and ever, unto ages of ages. Amen.