O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, for the sake of Thy most honourable Mother, Thy fleshless Angels, Thy Prophet and Forerunner and Baptizer, all the God-inspired Apostles, the radiant and victorious Martyrs, the holy and God-bearing Fathers, and by the prayers of all Saints, deliver me from the besetting presence of the devil. My Lord and Creator, Who desirest not the death of the sinner, but that he should be converted and live, grant also conversion to me, wretched and unworthy, snatch me from the jaws of the pernicious serpent, who is ravening to devour me and drag me down to hell alive. My Lord, my Comfort, Who wast clothed in corruptible flesh for my miserable sake, deliver me from misery and grant comfort to my miserable soul. Implant in my heart to fulfil Thy commandments, and forsake my evil deeds, and to receive Thy joys. Save me, for I hope in Thee, O Lord. Amen.